Henry moore reclining figure 1939

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STAGES OF ART CRITICISM: Observation, Analysis Interpretation, Evaluation

During the month of August, answer one question from your assigned criticism category. Write your name with your answer.


 1.What is the title, who is the artist? 

2.What was it made from, when was it made? 

3. Is it two dimensional or three dimensional? 

4.What is the subject of the artwork?  

5.Describe the lines that you see. 

6.Describe the shapes that you see. 

7.Describe the colors that you see. 

8.Describe the textures that you see. 

9.Describe the values that you see. 


10.Describe the process that the artist might have gone through to create this. 

11.Post a picture of another work of art that reminds you of this one and explain why you see a resemblance. 

12. Post three pictures of work by this artist that are similar to the one I posted.

13.Look at more work by this artist.  What are some visual characteristics that exist in all of his work? 

14.Look at more work by this artist.  What are some visual characteristics that make this work of art different than the others? 

15.List 5 artists who were popular during the time this work was created. 

16.Post a picture characteristic of each of the artist’s work listed in Question 15.

17.What artistic era (if any) was this artist part of?

18.What kind of balance exists in this work of art: symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial? 

19.Where do you see contrast and work?  What element of art (line, shape, color, texture, value) is creating that contrast? 


20.If you could describe this work as a person with emotions, how would they feel?  What makes you think this?

21.Does this artwork relatable or reminiscent of any of your own life experiences? Explain. 

22.Are any parts of this artwork symbolic of an idea or object? Explain. 

23.What events may have been going on in the world or the artist’s life at the time this artwork was created? 

24.How might world or personal events affected the creation of this work of art?


25.Do you like this work? Why or why not? 

26.Is this work a success or failure? Explain.

27.Explain the qualities or aspects of this work of art that you like.

28.Explain the qualities or aspects of this work that you think need improvement.